Our Mission & Vision

Since 2005, Envision Bend has led our community in planning for the future. Many of Greater Bend’s biggest successes of recent years can trace their roots in part to our community’s original vision – a new university campus, a regional transit system, a more diversified economy, more parks and trails, just to name a few.

Today, newly rebranded and reorganized, Envision Bend continues to work with government, business, community groups, and people of all backgrounds and perspectives from across the Bend area to help shape our future, making Bend a better place for everyone.

Envision Bend Mission Statement

Envision Bend brings diverse stakeholders together to educate, engage and empower all members of the Bend community to have a voice in our city’s future.

Envision Bend Vision Statement

Envision Bend is the steward and champion of our community’s Vision, ensuring that the Vision remains vibrant, relevant and strategic by:

  • Convening the community periodically to revise and refresh the Vision.
  • Assembling diverse community stakeholders to advance initiatives and ideas grounded in the Vision.
  • Welcoming and engaging the community in a nonpartisan, inclusive manner to promote a healthy and livable city for all.
Envision Bend Values Statements
  • We share our processes and our progress with the public to build trust and accountability in our work. We are honest about our challenges and setbacks and are open to learning from community feedback.
  • We invite, encourage, and welcome full community participation because we understand that all voices play an important role in shaping the future of our community. We create space for effective collaboration, and we trust the wisdom that emerges from this process.
Diverse Perspectives
  • We learn through dialogue and seek out and embrace diverse perspectives, experiences, and identities to have a voice at the table. We know the greater the diversity of the group, the more representative and powerful our vision and our strategies for achieving the vision will be.
  • We engage respectfully and professionally in tough conversations. We believe it is important to listen with the intention of building understanding, deepening relationships, and finding common ground.
Envision Bend Equity Statement

Envision Bend is committed to creating an inclusive, diverse, equitable and welcoming community. Our organizational values serve as the four cornerstones for all our work: we value transparency, inclusiveness, diverse perspectives, and civility.

Envision Bend brings diverse stakeholders together to educate, engage and empower all members of the Bend area community to have a voice in our city’s future. As a community convener, we are committed to engaging stakeholders across the full spectrum of our community in a nonpartisan, welcoming and collaborative manner to promote a healthy and livable city for all. We also commit to helping those who face barriers to participation to have equal access to our projects and processes so they can engage in meaningful ways.

Envision Bend commits to providing education and training so that our employees, board and volunteers have a better understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion and acceptance issues affecting the community we serve. We also commit to denouncing acts and symbols of discrimination, hate, racism and harassment.

Our Staff & Board

Matt Muchna
Matt MuchnaExecutive Director
David White
David WhiteBoard Chair
Tech Soft 3D
Sarah Holcombe
Sarah HolcombeVice-Chair
Deschutes Land Trust
Michelle Solley
Michelle SolleySecretary
St. Charles Foundation
Nick Chandler
Nick ChandlerTreasurer
Kelly Cannon-Miller
Kelly Cannon-MillerDeschutes County Historical Society
Leigh Capozzi
Leigh CapozziProtect Our Winters
Alex Hardison
Alex HardisonCentral Oregon LandWatch
James Dorofi
James Dorofi
Old Farm District Neighborhood Association
Shannon McDowell
Shannon McDowellStarbucks
Ted Schoenborn
Ted Schoenborn
Retired, former long-term Bend Park & Rec District board member

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